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ATTENTION: Internet entrepreneurs who want more PROFITS from affiliates & joint ventures--- but don’t know where to start.

The Strategy That Gets You HOT Traffic From Other People’s Lists
(Without The Costs)

Dear Marketer,

There’s no better feeling than seeing a vast flood of sales rushing in from thousands of powerful marketers eagerly promoting your offer, like it was theirs.

If you want to get HOT traffic to your offer on your next launch, then this will be the most important report you’ll ever read.

Looking back at our past and present product launches and offers we have figured out that...

The Money is NOT in The List... It's In OTHER Peoples Lists

...and because of this, our business continually cracks the seven figure mark whenever we launch a new product or software.

Our last launch, Video Genesis, hauled in over 2.8 million dollars in sales. With affiliates accounting for a very large chunk of that.

commentsAnd this wasn’t a $2,000 product either!

It was only $247.00.

Yes, you can do multi-million dollar launches at any price point IF you understand what every multi-million dollar launch has in common.

Know what it is?

Every single record breaking launch in the past 10 years was fueled by the support of enthusiastic and loyal affiliates. Here’s why we use an affiliate program to “seed” every important product that we’ve ever sold. You see...

We don’t have to tell you that the fastest and most effective way to scale and distribute your product with no upfront expense, is with a well thought out affiliate program.

Think about it for a minute…

Imagine How Your Business Would Look If
A Mass Of Affiliates Were Promoting You To Their Lists

How much more money would you earn if you had nearly every marketer raving about you and your products to the people who already know, like, and trust them?

My guess is...a lot more :-)

Over the past 25 years combined, we have perfected the techniques and strategies to build a loyal tribe of affiliates and big name joint venture partners.

As a result we’ve consistently had the support from the entire community whenever we release a new offer.

This has led to multi-millions in sales and affiliate payouts. These number may seem out of reach for you and you may be thinking…

“But Doesn’t This Only Work For Big Names?”

Which came first, the guru or the hot traffic? You might have guessed it, the hot traffic created the big name “guru.”

Most of the successful known internet marketers became a big name by, first, getting massive amounts of traffic to their offer, by leveraging not their own list… but other people’s lists.

This, by far, is the single fastest way to get hot and qualified traffic to your offer at no cost upfront. With the strategies shown in this exclusive report, you’ll learn the top 20 things you can do to have JV’s love you and promote your products over and over, so you can finally...

Get HOT Traffic Without Being The Big Name

Maybe you have already tried to get your name out there with an affiliate program but failed.

Have you made these mistakes when approaching joint venture partners and affiliates?:

  • Sending long copy and paste e-mails without any personalization
  • Not having Useful, Real-Time Statistics and EPC's to share.
  • Trying to run a launch without checking the calendar to see who else is releasing products
  • Setting commissions too low
  • Trying to save a buck by not offering affiliate prizes or incentives to mail multiple times
  • Using an affiliate system that is relatively unknown and makes people jump through hoops to support you

Look - we all make mistakes but after you read this special report you’ll have potential JVs go from “who is this guy? and why is he trying to sell me? DELETE” to “Hey give me your affiliate link NOW, I’m ready to promote this thing.”

Listen, up until now you have tried over and over to attract the affiliates and JVs you deserve, but you haven’t found the model for success yet...

But now...

  • How to form relationships with JV’s and Affiliates so they will happily promote you
  • How to replenish a steady new flood of fresh, ambitious joint venture partners...allowing you finally experience more sales, more scale, and more fun running your business.
  • The formula for creating an irresistible offer that your affiliates will mail on multiple times
  • A cutting-edge simple-strategy to remove affiliate uncertainty and confusion around commision payouts.
  • What most marketers forget to check BEFORE reaching out to JVs (without this your whole offer could crumble and fail)
  • Leverage secrets that multiply your JV’s promotions, giving you killer advantages against even a bigger name competitor. (You’ll see your JVs eyes get wide, when they see this)
  • Which key metrics to follow to ensure a successful launch. “You can only improve what you measure.”
  • Why EPC will be your secret weapon in getting affiliates to go crazy (in a good way) about your offering.
  • How it is possible to pay instant commissions without risking profits. No reserves. No charge back. No call back. Even if the sale is refunded, they still get paid and you still profit. (Affiliates will LOVE you because of this)
  • The correct way to reach out for joint ventures...which instantly gives you more authority when offering your program. No more begging or feeling creepy, ever! (Just think how much fun you’ll have when they’re eager to hear what you got offer)
  • And much, much more...

It’s Time For You To Learn The Secrets

After being responsible for some of the largest launches in the history of internet marketing, we have determined that JV’s and affiliates were a deciding factor as to why our launches, have been able to rake in millions.

Until now, only the top gun internet entrepreneurs really knew how to implement killer campaigns, that have affiliates flocking to them offering their support.

But now you’ll know how too, because we have decided to condense all our knowledge on affiliate launches into actionable, easy to understand strategies.

This report includes our most up to date strategies and methods, we’ve personally implemented and still use today.

Marketers all over the internet are always telling me they would kill to be able to get top affiliates promoting their offer just like we do.

And now you will with…

When studying this report, you’ll know everything you need for affiliates - what they want, how to give it to them and how to reward them for the overflow of sales they’ll be sending.

Why This Isn’t Report $1995?

3 reasons why we’re offering this for almost FREE:

  • This low price point allows the report to reach a larger portion of people. It’s not too pricey even for the modest beginners that want to start dominating affiliate launches.
  • The more people that know about these methods, the better it is for affiliates. Which will help all of us as entrepreneurs when all said and done.
  • The only reason it’s not free is to weed out the looky lous as we want to help those who are serious about taking action in their business.

Time Is Of The Essence

As of now, only a small number of top internet marketers have been utilizing the strategies and methods outlined in this special report.

When more and more competitors start implementing the techniques in this report, the competition for affiliates will be fierce.

Don’t be late to the game and lose. It will be smarter and more lucrative to plan ahead.

Even if you don’t plan on launching a product soon, applying these affiliate strategies to your current products will breathe new life into them and your bank account.

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