What Is The Number One Thing That EVERY Successful Entrepreneur Has In Common?


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Is it dumb luck?

Nope, we think you’ll agree that “luck” is just a side effect of hard work! What every successful business owner we know has in common is this…

** drum roll please… **


Successful business owners hire mentors to point them in the right direction, push them to take risks, and teach them what they’ve learned as they walked the path through the entrepreneurship minefield.  And when you walk through a minefield… it’s a good idea to have a map.

Our mentors have been key to amplifying our successes and minimizing failures.  And they will again in the future… because successful business owners never stop being mentored… especially when they also mentor others.

And here’s the really funny thing…

Some of those mentors, we’ve never even met, OR they’re long dead!

That’s right – one of our biggest influences and someone we consider a mentor is Benjamin Franklin…

We can hear you now… HE’S DEAD! How in the world can he be a mentor of yours??

Here’s the thing… Mentorship isn’t always about being in the same room with the person, you can learn from their examples and what they’ve accomplished.

More importantly it’s about HOW they accomplished their successes, that is what really can make a HUGE impact on you and your business.

Let’s say that again, because it’s so important – How someone accomplished their success is what you model to make the most impact on your own success.

We’ve had a lot of people ask us recently, “What is Genesis Labs?”  On the surface it may seem like just another membership website, but they’d be wrong.

Here’s what Genesis Labs really is…

It’s your roadmap through the minefield.

We’ve been marketers for a long time.  We’ve had ups, and downs, successes and “learning experiences”… and we’ve taken OUR lessons learned in OUR businesses and packaged them in a way that can help YOU multiply YOUR successes through training and community.

Learn By Example – Learn From Experts

Each month we take concepts that have worked in our business (and ones that haven’t worked) and share them with you in video trainings.

How much could one powerful insight mean to your business bottom line? One simple technique we came across boosted conversions by over 600% – it was so simple we NEVER would have thought to test it… [this is covered in Genesis Labs Episode 3 – Why Split Test].  We got the idea from our “fireside” community.

What’s the “fireside” Community all about? Well mentorship comes in many forms.  You can mentor in a formal relationship, through the stories and writing of others, or simply with a group of peers.  Have you ever sat with a group of friends around a campfire and posed a problem? One person suggests a solution, then another, building ideas exponentially with every thought until your path is clear and full of options beyond your dreams.

The Genesis Labs community portal is over 3,000 members strong, including people from all walks of life and corners of the world with their collective experiences and  perspectives.

This community alone is worth far more than the small membership fee. We dare you to pose a question or problem and not get dozens of in-depth and expert responses.

These are the two main ingredients to long term growth – community and learning. And that’s why we built the Genesis Labs Platform.

When you sign up today you’ll get the following…

  • Instant access to all our training [no waiting months to unlock content]
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  • This and much much more, the community and training portal are always evolving with fresh new content and members.

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